DummyJs & Bootstrap

DummyJs shines when working with UI toolkits like Bootstrap

Now you can test Bootstraps UI components, create interfaces and features quicker and more reliably with the help of DummyJs's nifty suite of tools.

😃 Dummy Text 😁 Placeholder Images 😆 Repeatable Elements 😍 And More

Text and Tables

Just add data-dummy to any tag for instant content

      <p data-dummy></p>
      <table class="table" data-dummy></table>


Just add data-dummy to any image tag for instant placeholder images. Need to specify a size? data-dummy="80" or data-dummy="100x300"


Copy Elements

Copy existing elements on your page by just adding <div data-copy=".css-selector"></div>

Copying elements saves you from recoding any tweaks across reused elements. It also helps you organize reused templates. See what we mean by viewing the page source to see how we do it.

Repeat Elements

Repeating elements is simple. Just add data-repeat="3" to any tag

See copying and repeat in action below:

In the above we added our elements to <template> tags…


…And then copied them into our layout, which also uses data-repeat

And in a few lines of code we've built a full product layout
More Dummy Js

That's just a quick showcase of the awesome power DummyJs can bring to your Bootstrap layouting process.

For usage and configuration options please visit the DummyJs homepage.

More Docs and Examples